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The last Coronations

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Upcoming Map

Map: Russia
Scenario: Courier of the Czar
Players: 10
Badge: Yes
Ladder: Yes

Next updates


Game 4459
Rujana / Classic refined
Game 4462
Scotland / Classic refined
Game 4458
Discworld / Golden Classic
Game 4464
Iceland / Iceland Alliance

In two days:

Game 4457
Scandinavia / Classic refined
Game 4454
England / Golden Classic
Game 4463
Con2011 / Buccaneer 20 Players


Turn Submission Deadline last Game

Venerable Ladies and Lords!

The turn submission deadline for the last game will be on every Sunday 03:00h CEST. That will allow the majority of players to submit their turn late Saturday and receive the result Sunday morning for breakfast. Turn submission will be weekly to allow for a relaxed planning of the game turn.

The first turn result will be on Sunday 29th April at 03:00h CEST.

Best regards - Thomas



No more Applications for new Games possible

Venerable Ladies and Lords,

from now on it is no longer possible to apply for new games. The list of participants for the last game is fixed. I will ask Lady Edda to start the last game soon.

Best regards - Thomas