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Wintertournament 2008

Status: Finished

The wintertournament war started. The rules are:

- classical game on the new tournament map

- no 400s on the opponent

- turn every 2 (!) days

Signed in:

Lord Drunken Nightmare
Lady Edda
Lord Xenio
Lady Vitara
Lord Kubax
Lord Alexander III
Lord Balmerino
Lord Lim-Dul
Lady Deko
Lady de Mordrey
Lord Mork
Lord DaeQ
Lord Kandaras
Lord Eduard
Lord Reesy
Lord Elgorond
Lord Madmartigan
Lord Rouven de Troyes
Sir Thomas
Lord Helmchen
Lord Malvoisin
Lord Anigart
Lord Pektasiu

WINNER: Lord Drunken Nightmare 

Registration: Registration for this event is closed.




Semifinal drawn

From: Edda
Date: 2009-01-20 21:37:38

Lord Helmchen : Lord Elgorond    0:1

Lord Mork : Lord Drunken Nightmare    0:1

Quarterfinal drawn

From: Edda
Date: 2008-12-19 20:37:38

Lord Mork                      :      Lord DaeQ     1:0

Lady Edda                      :       Lord Drunken Nightmare    0:1

Lord Rouven de Troyes   :     Lord Elgorond    0:1

Lord Helmchen                :     Lady Deko    1:0

Second round drawn

From: Edda
Date: 2008-12-10 21:46:14

Drunken Nightmare : Lim-Dul 1:0

Edda : Kubax  1:0

DaeQ : de Mordrey 1:0

Malvoisin : Elgorond   0:1

Sir Thomas : Rouven de Troyes 0:1

Madmartigan : Lady Deko  0:1

Balmerino : Mork   0:1

Helmchen : Reesy  1:0

Round 1 drawn

From: Edda
Date: 2008-12-06 15:22:01

The top players in the ranking got a free ticket.

The games are:

Lord Pektasiu gg. Lord Lim-Dul     0:1

Lord Malvoisin gg. Lady Vitara        1:0

Lord Drunken Nightmare gg. Lord Eduard          1:0

Lord Kandaras gg. Lord Reesy      0:1

Lord DaeQ gg. Lord Xenio          1:0

Lord Elgorond gg. Lord Anigart    1:0

Lady Deko gg. Lord Alexander III  1:0