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Tournament 2006

Status: Finished
Information: ...and the lords of all countries compete to determine the best amongst them, as his will be the crown for another year...

Welcome to the first official Feudal Lords Championship! The tournament, taking place the first time this year, will begin in the next weeks. It will be held in several rounds: preliminary, last sixteen, quarter final, semi final, finale. The winner of the tournament will be entitled to call himself "Feudal Lords Champion 2006".


  • Close of registration: June 15, 2006 7pm MET. The drawing we be at 8pm live in the chat
  • Referee: Lady Edda
  • There are 32 slots for participants. First come, first serve.
  • It will be played as follows: preliminary round => last sixteen => quarter final => semi final => finale
  • The encounters will be allotted by the referee
  • If we have less than 32 participants, there will be free tickets for some. (automatic success in the preliminary round)
  • All players have to play all tournament games under the same name and from the same profile
  • All games will be played on the Corsika map (see below). During the tournament, updates will be published here.
  • There will be an extra section in the forum for Tournament Questions & Discussions. Please ask questions there, so the referee doesn't have to answer the same questions over and over.
  • The winner will be published on the home page and bear a special badge in the forum.

Tournament Rules

  1. Map: All games will be played on the Corsika map. Update cycle as usual - either 3 days or as soon as both players have entered their orders.
  2. Time: All games MUST be finished within one week (exact schedule will be published on the tournament page). Players are responsible for the execution of their games - e.g. they sign up in agreement with theyr opponent and finish the game within one week) . In case there is no winner after one week or the game isn't started at all, both players will possibly be disqualified by the referee. During summer vacation the time and duration will be changed if necessary.
  3. The Finale: The winners of the two semi finals will battle in the finale.
  4. Comment: If requested, the referee will comment the semi finals and the finale.
Registration: Registration for this event is closed.




Final Results Tournament 2006

From: Edda
Date: 2006-11-09 13:48:04