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Winter Tournament 2006

Status: Finished
Information: ...and the lords of all countries compete to determine the best ones amongst them, as theirs will be the crown for another year...

Welcome to the first official Winter Feudal Lords Championship! The team tournament, taking place the first time this year, will begin in the next weeks. It will be held in several rounds: preliminary, last sixteen, quarter final, semi final, finale. The winners of the tournament will be entitled to call themselfs "Feudal Lords Team Champion 2006".


  • Close of registration: November 26, 2006 7pm MET. The drawing we be at 7:30pm live in the chat
  • Referee: Lady Edda
  • Depending on the number of registered players it will be played as follows: preliminary round => last sixteen => quarter final => semi final => finale
  • The encounters and the teams (!) will be allotted by the referee each round
  • If we have not enough participants, there will be free tickets for some. (automatic success in the preliminary round)
  • All players have to play all tournament games under the same name and from the same profile
  • All games will be played on the Bohemia map (see below). During the tournament, updates will be published here.
  • There will be an extra section in the forum for Tournament Questions & Discussions. Please ask questions there, so the referee doesn't have to answer the same questions over and over.
  • The winners will be published on the home page and bear a special badge in the forum.

Tournament Rules

  1. Map: All games will be played on the Beohemia map. Update cycle as usual - either 3 days or as soon as all players have entered their orders.
  2. Time: All games MUST be finished within 2 weeks (exact schedule will be published on the tournament page). Teams are responsible for the execution of their games - e.g. they sign up in agreement with theyr opponent and finish the game within 2 weeks) . In case there is no winner after one week or the game isn't started at all, all players will possibly be disqualified by the referee. During winter vacation the time and duration will be changed if necessary.
  3. The Finale: The winner teams of the two semi finals will battle in the finale in new allotted teams.
  4. Comment: If requested, the referee will comment the semi finals and the finale.
  5. Lord Morton will create a predictor game


  1. Non-agression-treaty till 1061, first attack allowed in 1062
  2. This does not include players vassalls
  3. 400er command on oppenents is not allowed


Registration: Registration for this event is closed.




Torunament End

From: Edda
Date: 2007-02-13 08:45:20

The winners are:


  1. place:      Lady Estella and Lord Gecko
  2. place:      Lady Marit and Lady de Mordrey
  3. place:      Lord Mork and Lord Kreuzenstein


From: Edda
Date: 2007-01-28 20:28:50


Lord gecko/Lady Estella vs. Lady Marit/Lady de Mordrey

3rd place:

Lady Cestoda/Lord Kubax vs. Lord Kreuzenstein/Lord Mork


From: Edda
Date: 2007-01-07 19:03:53

Lord gecko / Lady de Mordrey vs. Lord Kubax / Lord Kreuzenstein

Lady Cestoda / Lord Mork vs. Lady Estella / Lady Marit

Duels should be finished till 01/28/07


2. Round

From: Edda
Date: 2006-12-17 19:10:05

Lady Estella/Lady Cestoda vs. Sir Thomas/Lord Madmartigan

Lord Balmerino/Lady Edda vs. Lady Marit/Lord Kubax

Lord Aimar/Lord Richard vs. Lady de Mordrey/Lord Mork

Lord gecko/Lord Kreuzenstein s. Lord Caradoc/Lord Imre

Please finish games until 07.01.2007 18h

First Round Fixtures

From: Edda
Date: 2006-11-26 20:15:49

Sir Thomas and Lord Aimar vs. Lord Barnabas and Lord Dizzy

Lord Herztoht and Lord Morton vs. Lord Kubax and Lord Imre

All other Ladies and Lords advance automatically to the next round

Please finish the game till december 17th 6pm

The next duels will be alloted at december 17th 7pm

Registered Players

From: Madmartigan
Date: 2006-11-10 09:05:16
(In order of registration)
  1. Lord Madmartigan
  2. Lady Marit
  3. Lord Richard
  4. Lord Caradoc
  5. Lady Cestoda
  6. Lord Morton
  7. Lady Edda
  8. Lord Barnabas
  9. Lord Balmerino
  10. Lord Mork
  11. Lady Estella
  12. Lady de Mordrey
  13. Lord Aimar
  14. Lord Herztoht
  15. Sir Thomas
  16. Lord gecko
  17. Lord Kubax
  18. Lord Kreuzenstein
  19. Lord Dezsiderius
  20. Lord Imre