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The last Coronations

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Current Rankings

1.Hugh de Payens3
2.Drunken Nightmare3

Upcoming Map

Map: Iceland
Scenario: Iceland Alliance
Players: 4
Badge: No
Ladder: No

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Game 4450
Discworld / Golden Classic

In two days:

Game 4448
Holy Land / Conquer of Jerusalem
Game 4453
Crete / Minotaurus


Final Game

Venerable Ladies and Lords,

Lady Edda and I have discussed the issue of the last game. We decided that a Carribean scenario shall be played that was very favourite on all conventions. Please apply for the game until 31st March in this thread.

Best regards - Thomas


Happy New Year and Announcement of Discontinuation

Venerable Ladies and Lords!

I wish you a happy New Year! May all your plans come true!

Also I would like to announce that I will close down Feudallords within this year. Actually, I wanted to have closed it already but then I thought, why bother, it is running anyways. But then, it plods along and that I don't want to see permanently.

I don't know yet, when exactly the closing will be. I will meet Lady Edda soon. Maybe we come up with a special closing-scenario. But I cannot promise anything - I am very busy jobwise.

In any case I can assure you that it will be announced here early enough.

Until then I wish you a wonderful time

- Thomas