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Current Games

  Game Year Update Players
Game 4450
Discworld / Golden Classic
11tomorrowRen Dhark, Eduard, de Mordrey, Rouven de Troyes, Drunken Nightmare, Rattentod
Game 4448
Holy Land / Conquer of Jerusalem
15in 2 daysRouven de Troyes, Nevets8642, Drunken Nightmare, Eduard, Cunubin, Ren Dhark
Game 4453
Crete / Minotaurus
1in 2 daysRen Dhark, Drunken Nightmare, Rattentod, Cunubin, Eduard, Rouven von Naxos
Game 4451
France small / The Muslim Conquest
6in 3 daysCunubin, Ren Dhark, Eduard, Drunken Nightmare, Rouven de Troyes, Percival
Game 4452
Bohemia / Power Struggle of the Premyzslids
4in 3 daysRattentod, Drunken Nightmare, Rouven de Troyes, Ren Dhark
Game 4441
England / Classic refined
21in 4 daysDrunken Nightmare, Hotzenplotz, Percival, Rouven de Troyes, Ren Dhark, Tristan, Eduard, Attarialus, de Mordrey, Steven, Goglu, Warren Faast, Cunubin, Harry , Birger Folkungasson