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A game starts automatically, as soon as enough players have registered.

To register, enter your desired name, gender, email address and language for game reports. Also chose the map / scenario combination from the list below.

Please note that not all combinations are active for beginning players, to allow them to find out about the basic game mechanics before they are run over by more experienced players.
To learn more about the different scenario parameters, please click on the scenario name.

Entering a game with more than one name at the same time is considered cheating!
Exceptions are those games, where everybody knows about this fact and agrees. If you suspect somebody else cheating, please send an email to:

Map/Scenario Number of players Already registered
France small / Training 1 of 7 bomber 1 (EN)
Corsica / Training 0 of 2 Currently no one.
Scandinavia / Classic refined 0 of 11 Currently no one.
England / Classic refined 3 of 15 Drunken Nightmare, Rouven de Troyes, Machiavel


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To participate in a game, you will need an email address. This email address is being validated, and the owner of the email address declares her approval to use and store this email address for purposes of the game. The email address will not be used for other purposes and not being sent to any third party. It is not displayed on the web site, but for gaming purposes it is disclosed to all other participants in the game. Further personal data is not collected

By entering the password permission to store and use the email address is given for the purpose of participating in the game.