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Scenario Background: Rich Harvest

This scenario is now played on the map of Spain. The following rule changes apply:

Arable land: 5000-7000
Gold at start: 3500
Food at start: 3000
Knights at start: 500
Townsmen at start: 600
Peasants at start: 2000
Castle strength at start: 25
AI: NPC use the better AI, ie. they will develop their fiefdoms
Tribute: 1000 gold pieces per rank
Cost of breaking the oath of allegiance: 3000 gold pieces per rank
Cost of a ship: 800 gold pieces
Capacity of a ship: 100 knights and mercenaries

Campaign type 500 and 600 is available from the start!

Notes & Requirements:

You must have played at least 4 games to play.

A game played in this scenario will count towards the ranking.
A victory in this scenario will earn you a victory badge in the forum.

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