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Scenario Background: Perserkriege

This scenario is played on the map of Greece. There are two alliances: the Greek and the Persian. Goal is to eliminate the enemy.

The following is special:

Starting year: 500 B.C.
Agricultural research gives 0,05 bonus point.
Shipcost: 500 gold pieces.
Ship capacity: 100 knights and mercenaries.
Tribute: 1,000 gold pieces per rank.
NPC will make use of better AI.
City capacity: 3,000 townsmen.

Changes in battle and movement:

No type 400 campaigns against players are possible.
It is possible to move through fiefdoms and vassals of allies.
It is not possible to move through free NPC, even if one holds a favor.
It is not possible to give favors to other players.
It is not possible to give the vassals oath to the enemy.


Notes & Requirements:

You must have played at least 3 games to play.

A game played in this scenario will not count towards the ranking.
A victory in this scenario will not earn you a victory badge in the forum.

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