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Scenario Background: The Muslim Conquest

The Muslim Conquest

Historical background:

From the middle of the seventh century on, a rapid Arab Expansion took place and spreaded from the Arabian peninsula to Europe. Spain was conquered by the Moors in 712 an after that the Moors tried to invade France as well. It took the French several years of tough fighting until Karl Martell stopped the Moors in the Battle of Tours and Poitiers in 732.

Every French lord forms one, single-player, alliance to stop the Muslim Alliance, which consists of two allied lords. To win the game you have to conquer 50% of the fiefs, just as usual. Due to the fact that every player forms an alliance by himself. there can be only one winner though (respectivly two if the Muslim Alliance wins)

Start conditions

The French lords start like in a normal classic game, but with one vasall right from the beginning.

The Moors have slightly improved starting conditions (some more peasants and townsmen as well as a leadership of 3 )

The classic rules apply for this game except the following:

Ships can carry only 25 men
It is not possible for a French lord to take the oath to a member of the Muslim Alliance and vice versa
Like in "advanced" games it is possible to clear a fief of all his favors by issuing a 500 campaign.

Campaigns of type 400 on players are not allowed.

Oaths between the French are forbidden.

City capacity is limited to 10,000 townsmen.
The Moors may move freely through their fiefdoms.


Notes & Requirements:

You must have played at least 3 games to play.

A game played in this scenario will not count towards the ranking.
A victory in this scenario will not earn you a victory badge in the forum.

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