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Scenario Background: Tradingcompany


the target of the game is to become Master of the great Ravenburg trading society.

The great Ravenburg trading society was a trading company founded around 1380 in upper Swabia by families around the Lake Constance.


-advanced KI

- towns have only max. 3000 citizens, new towns must be bought as a privilege

- ship building must be bought as privilege for 10000 gold, towns cost 10000 gold

- foreign trade also a privilege, only available in towns

- town building privilege 15000 gold

- ships costs 600 gold and carry 100 men

- town title privilege must be bought for 10000 gold

Town owners get:

5000 gold per turn

500 food per turn


Ownership of the Master privilege for 500000 gold and ownership of town


List of privileges:

1.ship building building

3.foreign trade in Pfullendorff möglich
4.foreign trade in Costenz möglich
5.foreign trade in Rauenspurg möglich
6.foreign trade in Fussach möglich
7.foreign trade in S.Gall möglich
8.foreign trade in Fraunfeld möglich
9.foreign trade in Podman möglich
10.foreign trade in Rychaw möglich
11.foreign trade in Merspurg möglich
12.foreign trade in Lindaw möglich

13.Schultes of Pfullendorff
14.Bischof of Costenz
15.Schultes of Rauenspurg
16.Graf of Fussach
17.Abt of S.Gall
18.Graf of Fraunfeld
19.Graf of Podman
20.Abt of Rychaw
21.Graf of Merspurg
22.Schultes of Lindaw

23.Master of the trading society


Notes & Requirements:

You must have played at least 4 games to play.

A game played in this scenario will count towards the ranking.
A victory in this scenario will earn you a victory badge in the forum.

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