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Scenario Background: Courier of the Czar

We are in the year 1750. Players represent couriers sent by the Czar to Kamtschatka.

Winner of this game is the one who will first conquer Kamtschatka. It doesn't matter which rank he has or how many vasalls.

But be careful: ships are not allowed because of the heavy sea so you'll have to take the more dangerous way over land. Unfortunately there are some strong lords blocking your way and it is not possible to move through NPCs by bribing them.

But you'll have advaced earnings with a agricultural bonus of .1 and advanced AI. Overlordprotection is activ. The first attack round is 6 and an attack in the name of the overlord is not possible.

May the fastest win !

Notes & Requirements:

You must have played at least 5 games to play.You must have won at least 1 games to play.

A game played in this scenario will count towards the ranking.
A victory in this scenario will earn you a victory badge in the forum.

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