Result of a battle

The lucky one will win. On both sides the total strength of the armies is calculated. In case of a siege the strength of the besieged fiefdom is modified by its castles strength. Also the strength of both armies is modified by the leadership of the respective feudal lord and their champions. From the army strength calculated this way the ratio is determined. This ratio is compared to a random number that lies between 0.2 and 5 with a tendency towards 1. The comparison then determines who won the battle. That means a certain victory is only possible if the real army strength is higher than 5:1. The game report will state that the battle was won at 6:1. In this case the actual ratio is not shown.

The real army strength also defines the number of knights and mercenaries that have been killed in battle. It is possible that the winner of a battle can have higher losses than the looser.

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