Transfer of fiefdom

You can voluntarily transfer into another fiefdom by winning a battle of type 600. In this case you move into the new fiefdom and your old fiefdom will be your vassal ruled by a NPC. But it can also happen that you are forced to leave your fiefdom. This is the case if you yourself lost a battle of type 500 or 600. In this case a spare fiefdom for you is sought. If you have NPC vassals, you will move into one of these fiefdoms. Using the order designate alternate fiefdom you can designate the fiefdom to be chosen, if you have several NPC vassals. If you get a NPC vassal in the same year, this vassal is also considered for transfer. If you do not have NPC vassals but your overlord does have some, you will move into a fiefdom of a NPC vassal of your overlord. If the overlord loses his fiefdom in the same year, his transfer has higher priority. If he has more than one NPC vassal, you will receive one of those fiefdoms.

The only thing that you will take with you when you move into another fiefdom is your vassals and your leadership. All favours that you held are lost. Even your spies will not bring their spy reports to you, but rather to their new overlord.

If there is no spare fiefdom for you, you are thrown out of the game into exile! In this case you should immediately apply for a new game, where you may have more success the next time around!

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