Favours have two functions in the game. First you need them to move through other fiefdoms. Second you can use them to force NPCs to support you in battle.

What do you need to do to receive such favours?

To receive favours from other Ladies and Lords, you just need diplomatic skills and convincing arguments. If you want to give a favour yourself, you use the order grant favour. You will find a note in your report of that year. By the way: spies will also report about favours received and given. If you want to withdraw a favour again, you use the order withdraw favour.

With NPC the situation is different. You have to successfully bribe a NPC to receive a favour. Therefore you use the order bribe Lord and tell your castellan how much gold you want to invest for the bribery. Per 100 gold pieces invested your chances are increased. But even with the maximum amount of 1,000 gold pieces possible your success is not certain. But if you have successfully bribed a NPC you can be sure that he will not withdraw the favour again.

By the way no Lady, Lord, or NPC is able to grant more than six favours in total. But there is no restriction in the number of favours you can receive.

If you need a favour to move through a fiefdom, you don’t have to do anything. It is used up automatically. But if you want to have a NPC supporting you in battle, you need to use the order use favour. The NPC will support you with at least the half of his knights. He will move directly into the fiefdom where you will fight – he doesn’t need any favours for this. You need two favours of the NPC to make him support you unless he is your vassal. If he is your vassal you need only one favour. That means if he is not your vassal, and you want to move through his fiefdom, and want him to support you, you will need three favours of him.

If two Ladies or Lords want to use favours of the same NPC in one year, the NPC decides randomly, whom he will support.

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