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The first game Report

As soon as a game starts, you will receive your first game report. Except for the fiefdom you are the ruler of, which has been randomly selected, it is the same for all players. At the end of the rules you will find a map of England. There you can find your fiefdom. On the initial game report and each subsequent turn, you will find your password. If you are not logged in to the website, you will need it to issue your orders for your fiefdom. You will have a different and unique password for each game you play. It is also possible to share this password with other players, but be aware that this password is valid for that game from start to finish, so be careful to whom you give this password.

On the first game report, you find information about the other players in that game: names of other Lords/Ladies, email addresses, fiefdoms ruled, and preffered languages of other players (turn reports can currently be received in German or English). Use this information in order to get into contact with other players in order to exchange diplomatic messages and military plans or to declare war.

At the bottom of the game result are the economic figures of your fiefdom. All fiefdoms, including NPCs, start with the same values. Your initial rank is Baroness or Baron. Your leadership starts at 2; while this is not especially high, it increases each time you are successful in battle. Each fiefdom has 1400 gold pieces and 1400 units of food. This is enough to pay your knights and feed your knights and peasants. You begin your reign with 800 peasants, 200 knights, 200 townspeople, and a castle strength of 10. Your castle is not especially strong, but it is better than no defensive walls at all. Your tax rate is 20%. This does not make your townspeople very happy, but they pay taxes each year nevertheless. Your champion has a value of 3 (everybody has to start somewhere).

Now you are ready to begin. You have to issue your first orders. In all, you can select from 37 different orders to give while ruling your fiefdom. But your initial rank only allows you to issue a maximum of 12 orders per year (game turn). As your rank increases, so will the number of orders you can issue. Some orders may be given several times. Issuing the Build Ship order one time will cause your shipwrights to attempt to build one ship; issuing the order three times will cause them to attempt to build 3 ships. During the first years, 12 orders can seem like more than enough, but as the game progresse, you will find that you want to issue more orders than you actually have. The military and economic success of your fiefdom depends on your ability to give the best orders possible each year ÔÇô- so choose wisely.

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