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Giving orders

To issue your orders, you select the menu item Play, then Current Games on the web site. You will see a list of all games in progress. Select the hyperlink for your game. A map of the game is displayed showing where all Ladies and Lords are located and the vassals they control. On the map is also a list of all players sorted by rank. Below the map there are messages sent to all players, and below that are links to all the maps of previous game turns. This gives you an overview of what is going on in each game.

If you are logged into the website, your turn will be available for review. If you are not logged in or you have a password for another player, you can enter a valid password for the game at the bottom of the page and click the Refresh button. When you have done either of these actions successfully, a new area will be displayed showing you the current economic and military strength of your fiefdom as well as historical spy reports and a section in which to enter your orders for the current year.

There will be a minimum of 12 selection fields in which you can issue any of the 37 different orders. To the right of each selection field there are two entry fields; some orders require one or two additional parameters to be valid. Select all orders that you want to issue and press Save to save your orders. After you submit your orders, a red message will be displayed if there were any problems with the orders you issued. The message describe the nature of these errors. You can also see all your orders in clear text. Verify that everything is correct. If you make a mistake and enter an unintended order (as long as it is a valid one), the results could be disastrous results for you and your claim to the crown!

Below the 12 order fields is a larger text field. You can enter in a free text message that will be included in the turn printouts of all players and also on the web site. These messages are anonymous, but must comply with the rules of the messages in the forum (including but not limited to not insulting others), and must comply with German law. The game master can tell who is the author of each individual message. Entering a message which does not comply with the rules is sufficient cause for a player to be disqualified from the game. Any violation of German law by players will have legal consequences.

Below the text field is the button Mail orders. If you press this button, the orders that you have entered will be mailed to you. E-mails are only for your records and could be helpful to the Site Administrators when attempting to trace and eliminate bugs. If for some reason you do no wish to receive an e-mail of your orders, choose Save instead, or simply hit the return key to enter your orders.

Besides giving your orders on this page, you are also able to change the e-mail address to which the game results will be sent.

A description of all possible orders is given in the section Orders at a glance. The following sections will explain how a fiefdom works and how battles are fought.

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