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How to become Queen or King

Each player starts the game as a Baron, and so do you. This means you have very limited political influence. If you successfully conquer other fiefdoms, you broaden your political influence. This means your rank increases. You can reach the following noble ranks:

  1. Baroness/Baron up to 2 vassals and sub vassals
  2. Viscountess/Viscount 3 to 6 vassals and sub vassals
  3. Countess/Earl 7 to 10 vassals and sub vassals
  4. Marchioness/Marquis 11 to 14 vassals and sub vassals
  5. Duchess/Duke 15 to 18 vassals and sub vassals
  6. Grand Duchess/Grand Duke 19 to 22 vassals and sub vassals
  7. Queen/King 23 and more vassals and sub vassals

If you are queen or king, you win the game!

If you are playing on the France map the titles are: Baron/Baronne, Vicomte/Vicomtesse, Comte/Comtesse, Marquis/Marquise, Duc/Duchesse, Grand Duc/Grand Duchesse, Roi/Reine.

On the Germany map the titles are: Freiherr/Freifrau, Vizegraf/Vizegr├Ąfin, Graf/Gr├Ąfin, F├╝rst/F├╝rstin, Herzog/Herzogin, Gro├čherzog/Gro├čherzogin, K├Ânig/K├Ânigin.

You are also queen or king, if no other Ladies and Lords are left in England, or if you are overlord of all other Ladies and Lords.

The last game report also shows who are the vassals to the Queen or King and of which nobles rank they are. That means not a just the queen or king wins, but also their immediate followers. But the followers of the followers do not win.

You have to go a long way before this happens. If you successfully besiege a fiefdom, you will be overlord of this fiefdom and this fiefdom your vassal. Vassals of your vassals are your sub vassals. You can have a lot of vassals, but can be vassal of one overlord only. That means there is a clear hierarchy and no one can service a Lord whose master he is. The other way to gain vassals is if a Lady or Lord swears an oath of allegiance to you voluntarily.

As overlord it is your duty to protect your vassals. In game terms this means that you will automatically help your vassal if he is being attacked, is adjacent to your fiefdom, and you do not fight another battle yourself that year. In return your vassal pays tribute to you or supports yourself in battle. The amount of tribute is defined by the nobles rank. A vassal pays 500 gold pieces per rank, i.e. a countess pays 1,000 gold pieces of tribute per year to her overlord. NPCs also pay tribute to their overlord. But tribute is only paid if the vassal did not support you in battle. This is also true for NPCs.

Maybe you are not content with your overlord. In this case you can declare yourself as independent again. Making this statement requires you to pay a lot of gold. You must pay 1,500 times your nobles rank; i.e. a marquis has to pay 6,000 gold pieces but a baron only 1,500. This payment is deducted at the beginning of the year, even before your knights are paid. If you do not have enough gold, you stay vassal of your overlord. NPCs will never declare themselves independent.

You are not allowed to besiege your overlord. If you want to do this, you have to break your oath of allegiance in the same year.

If you are overlord, you can use the order dismiss vassal to free yourself from this vassal. But in this case you will not receive any money from this vassal.

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