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Your fiefdom

Take a look at the map of England at the end of the rules. As you can see, some fiefdoms are adjacent to forests, mountains or fens, while others are not. Each of these terrain types has an impact on the economic potential of the fiefdoms to which they are adjacent. Fiefdoms with at least one common border are considered adjacent. If your army is travelling by land, it can only do so by moving through adjacent fiefdoms; travel by ship will be discussed below. Movement through one of the three terrain features is only possible if a road passes through it.

Fiefdoms adjacent to the sea are coastal fiefdoms. Some maps contain rivers. On these maps, some fiefdoms with have rivers passing through them or along at least one border. Coastal and river fiefdoms can build ships; all other fiefdoms must buy them.

Ships serve two purposes in your fiefdom. First, they are necessary to conduct foreign trade. Second, they provide a way to transport your armies via waterways (seas and rivers). Both of these functions will be of use to you in your quest to rule.

Ships allow movement over the sea from one coastal fiefdom to another. If the coastal fiefdom you move to is also the mouth of a river on the map, it is possible to continue movement along the river to a fiefdom on the same river system. This movement is direct and does not need to go through any other fiefdom along the way.

Remember: You rule directly over only one fiefdom. You must build your economy. Strengthen your castle walls. Use battle to force other Lords/Ladies to bend the knee to you or to exile them from the game. But all the while, others will be seeking to do the same to you. If you are removed from your fiefdom by the armies of another and do not have, at the end of the year, an alternate fiefdom to rule, you to will be exiled and forced from the game.

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