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Of course you live in a fine castle! From this castle you rule your fiefdom. Here you give orders to your Castellan and Marshal. Your Chancellor reports to you and your Chamberlain as well. This is also the place where Minstrels tell you what’s going on in England. You must besiege another fiefdoms castle if you want to conquer this other fiefdom. Should you be successful his fiefdom then becomes your vassal.

On the other hand you need your castle to defend yourself against other Ladies and Lords trying to turn you into their vassal. The strength of your castle tells you how strong your defence is. You start with a castle of strength 10. The strength of your knights is increased by 50 % in this castle. Each 10 points increase in the strength of your castle makes your knights stronger by an additional 50 %. It is expensive to build up your castle, but sometimes it is worthwhile. But the stronger your castle becomes, the more expensive it gets to strengthen it further.

By the way, a castle with strength of 16 has the same effect as a castle with strength of 10. Only the next full 10 points result in a higher bonus.

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